HorseshoeTearMH by Angel Figueira

Our devastating fire has our dreams on hold at the moment.  Praises that no people or animals were harmed!  We'll carry on in new ways soon!

More to come soon!

Some of our favorite horsey sites:


Zippy had a perfect Canadian Maple on his shoulder!

Say "hay" to velvety snuggles and "neigh" to diseases that get you down!

Miracle Horses, Parker, Colorado

Horse Camps - ​We'll show you horse basics and create lots of fun and learning about our equine friends.

Horsey House Calls

​​Horses can provide the most amazing emotional and therapeutic benefits!
But those that hope in the Lord will find new strength...SOAR on wings like eagles.

​ISAIAH 40:31

Horsey House Calls - ​Once we are up and running, our plan is to bring our horses that love to give snuggles over for a play date!

Horse Camps

Miracle Horses are fun-loving, laid back horses who love to give hugs, slobbers and smooches to hurting and sick kiddos and really just anyone that could use a lift.   
         We Smile Hi with our fun and furry friends.