Although it was so hard to let this beautiful 23 Year Old Labrador/Paint cross go, once Zippy's mum Krissy gets finished with her fire rebuild this summer, she plans to work with her crazy-talented artistic daughter to create a series of children's books featuring Zippy encouraging sick kiddos to Just Keep Zipping!  

We think that all proceeds should go to surprise animal vet bills or St. Judes Children's Hospitals.  More soon!

More on this beloved horse here: 

Zippy emerged from the surgery and seemed to brighten after a few days and began courageously eating.  He was supposed to go home Monday, Feb. 28th, when complications arose Sunday night.  High heart rate, and inflammation of the colon and gastric walls.  They had to isolate him and provide intensive care, but in the end,  we had to let him go by Tuesday morning.

Not Zippy but similar to the team that worked on him in this fantastic facility.

That valiant five-hour field visit in frigid cold determined that he needed to go into the Equine Hospital at CSU for surgery.  The next morning another five hour surgery ensued and the vets successfully removed the wire.

The first vet visit from the local vet revealed a radically swollen mouth and tongue but no visible cause.  A followup visit and x-ray from the CSU Vet team revealed a wire had embedded itself and worked its way up through his tongue toward the back area.  

Brave boy after first vet visit being comforted by his fans.

Zippy's Week-Long Emergency Battle:

​He had been serving at Laughing Buck Farm in Fort Collins, CO for about a year and a half (just before August of 2020 when a fire took out his home in Parker, CO)

His handlers noticed he wasn't eating and didn't feel well.