Missouri Foxtrotters are gaited, and that means they have sort of "all wheel drive" at times with more kinds of gaits than other breeds..  Her trot is smooth enough to hold an egg on a spoon.  Her canter is pretty smooth, too. 

She looks very spirited at times, tossing her head, and enthusiastically kicking up her heels, but the most she will do with a rider is a sassy little crow hop.  :)

Our Miracle Horse Videos

Sandy was 3 years old when we filmed this.  She is just a totally curious, laid back "Barbie" horse that really enjoys whatever her humans want to do!

Here Sandy shows off how limber she is.  We see her stretch like a cat quite often, and once in a while she will scratch her ears with her back hooves.  Haven't caught that on camera yet but soon!

Sandy is a Missouri Foxtrotter.  Here she is being de-sensitized to a Westernaires flag.   Sandy was trained at 3 years old by a 12 year old girl.  She loads in a trailer when you simply say "load up". 

Sandy is now a therapy horse at Connections Through Horses