We're Going to Keep Zippy Zipping! 

Loving Memories of our Courageous AQHA Paint/Labrador Cross!


Tax deductible donations to celebrate Zippy and fund other scholarships for Laughing Buck Farm's incredible work  may also be made through the Friends of Laughing Buck Farm 501c3
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Although we are never ready to say goodbye to our loving animals, it was Zippy's time after a valiant struggle against an injury.  Our incredible thanks to local vet Laura and the CSU Veterinary team for giving Zippy every chance!   

We're committed to enhancing Zippy's memory through a series of illustrated children's books that capture his loving nature with stories of hope and acceptance.  We'll include his trademark Horsey Huggles and Zmooches!  His stories will encourage dear ones to Just Keep Zipping!   We can't think of a better way to fondly carry forward this one-of-a-kind equine's Zimpact!    

Angel, my daughter, will be providing illustrations and concept art for these exciting books!

www.PaintedAngelWings.com is just one of her many art sites.

Zippy Found a New Career Serving Sensory-Challenged Kiddos

The devastating fire that prevented him from returning home actually created opportunities! Those included his inspiring new job(s), receiving a dramatic cure for his eye cancer thanks to the CSU vet team, and gaining a herd of humans and horses that lifted him up daily!

​​We so appreciate your support!  May horses always make you Smile Hi! in our gorgeous Mile High! Keep Zipping!

Zippy - Heaven's Newest Angel

From the LBF team:    We said goodbye this week to Zippy, one of the sweetest, most affectionate, loving equines we've had the pleasure of having at LBF.  He was a horse who loved humans and we called him a Paint / Labrador cross because he loved to greet you at the gate for a scratch or a hug, found joy in splashing in the water tank and pulling out the water hose for fun... what a loving, playful spirit. He loved to be loved and reflected that right back at you. When we pulled him out for grooming or farm school pony rides, he seemed to be grinning as wide as the kiddos.

Laughing Buck Farm in Fort Collins had welcomed Zippy  to his t​emporary home as a trial therapy horse. Zip quickly "Zmooched" his way into their hearts!

From the Adaptive Riding Instructor:
In his time at LBF, Zippy captured all of our hearts, but especially those of us in the Adaptive Riding Program. He was a deep and soulful friend to our students, especially Carter, who worked with Zippy on being happy and calm in his new life as an Adaptive Riding horse. Zippy wasn't a slow horse by nature, (he was a Westernaires horse) and Carter isn't a slow kiddo either. Carter had to really self-regulate in order to stay safe and keep Zippy  calm so Carter could reach his goal of trotting him off-lead. They did reach this goal together through Carter's persistence and Zippy's bond to Carter.

Zippy will be sorely missed in our classes and at the farm. He was a beautiful horse, inside and out.

If you would like to help Zippy's mum with Zippy's EEK! emergency vet expenses the best route is through Krissy's Cash App Link Below

Donations will go directly to paying off his week-long hospital

stay!  If we somehow have money left over, we'll put it into the children's

book development fund, still to come after our fire rehab is finished this summer!